One-Time Promotion Code

One-time 10% off promo code for your first order on regular priced items

  1. This promotion code is only valid for new users who register for an online account with for the first time.
  2. Each new user can use this promotion code once only by completing the required registration procedure.
  3. After completing the required registration procedure, a promotion code will be sent to the new user’s registered email.
  4. This promotion code can be used in the first purchase on by entering it in the “Apply Discount Code” section before online checkout.
  5. The promotion code can be used once only and cannot be re-used even if the transaction is cancelled for whatever reasons.
  6. This promotion code is subject to the relevant terms and conditions and it can be used on regular priced items only. It cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and other promotion code(s).
  7. The promotion code will not be reissued if lost.
  8. Carsac Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.
  9. In case of any disputes, Carsac Limited reserves the right of final decision.


  1. 此優惠碼只適用於首次登記LeSportsac網上商店賬戶的新用戶。
  2. 每位新用戶只需完成指定登記程序便會收到一次性的優惠碼。
  3. 當新用戶完成指定登記程序後,便會於其登記電郵獲得一次性的優惠碼。
  4. 此優惠碼只可於首次在LeSportsac網上商店購物時使用,並於付款前在“使用優惠劵”內輸入此優惠碼便可。
  5. 此優惠碼只可使用一次。不管購物交易因任何原因取消,優惠碼一經使用,則不可再次使用。
  6. 此優惠碼須受有關條款約束,並只適用於正價貨品。此優惠碼不可與其他推廣優惠及其他優惠碼同時使用。
  7. 此優惠碼如有遺失不獲補發。
  8. 禧辰有限公司有權隨時更改上述條款,恕不另行通知。
  9. 如有任何爭議,禧辰有限公司將保留最終決定權。